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a kiss?

So I never write in here and very few people read this but I am quite amused by a conversation I had recently with a former male acquaintance. About a year ago I was alone with this "guy" and he invited me over to his place to watch a movie or some random tv show. I don't why he called me but he did seeing as we never really hung out unless it was with a "group of mutual friends" or church related stuff. I agreed thinking "okay cool one of my friends will be there!" I get over there and I ask where my other friend is and he says "Oh he's at work". I feel awkward cause its just us and what not but I don't want to be rude so I stay and watch the movie. Well apparently he tried to kiss me and I moved away or something. However I do not remember any of this. I just remember feeling weird and leaving after the movie was over. Seems like I'd have some recollection of what happened. Its rare I actually find someone who likes me who isn't creepy or old or isn't a jerk so I actually find this shocking but he was serious. At the time I wouldn't have kissed him back anyways since I still had feelings for you know who. But yeah. It was weird hearing that. I never had a clue. That seriously blew my mind.

Oh and I have a new job. Its at Linens n Things. Yay for me. I will miss all the residents but not cleaning up after them and all their dirty dishes.
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