la_ebbie (la_ebbie) wrote,

random rambling

I wish my life was not boring. I wish I could go on a road trip cross country with my friends and tell awesome stories to my kids cause I don't have any kinds of those stories (or at least I don't think I do). I wish I could meet a nice boy who liked cheesy music as much as I do and made me laugh and was intriguing and wonderfully sweet but not too "needy" or "have issues". I wish I could meet a boy who liked to hold hands while we layed in the grass looking at the stars at night. I wish I could write poetry like I used to. Honest and real sometimes a little angry but good cause it was real. I wish it was winter because it feels like I'm having hot flashes but I think its because I'm a little sick. Besides winter is prettier than late summer anyhow. I wish my mom would be a mom and not a financial advisor because dad was always better at those things and he didn't get frustrated or try to pull apart at every little detail of every single little thing that happens. I wish I could climb my magnolia tree in the front yard and be afraid to climb down. I wish I didn't have to leave that tree for South Carolina. I wish I could I wish I didn't want all of these things so badly.
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