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So me and Katy discovered something wonderful today, lottery tickets. *lol*

We were watching some special on lottery ticket winners and after hearing about some lady who won $1 million dollars twice (a month apart), we decided to walk to the gas station next to the apartment complex and by some. I didn't have any money so Katy gave me a dollar and I bought a Lucky 7 and I won $14 dollars! She got two $2 tickets but didn't win anything. Yeah gambling is wrong but hey at least I got $14 and could buy my antifreeze I needed before I go home tomorrow.

And usually I would be excited to be going home to see my mom and all but I'm not. I waited the last day to pay my tuition and I guess the school assumed I wasn't going to pay and sent a letter to my house saying I had disenrolled. My mom calls me tonight freaking saying "Well I guess you're coming home for good now." When I figured out what she meant I explained what happened and she was still freaking out telling me i need to pay my bills on time. So yeah I waited to last minute and I shouldn't have done that but I paid it on time and that's what counts. I swear she freaks out about everything and its so annoying sometimes. It doesn't help me either when I am trying to change and deal with stuff without getting all emotional or stressed. I love her but sometimes I wish she would just mellow out.

Nothing else going on with me. Same old same old. It'll be nice to relax and sleep in at home, get some really good home cooked food too.

Just pray that I will make it home safe. I hate the drive from Nashville to Memphis.
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