la_ebbie (la_ebbie) wrote,

No resolutions

So I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Mine was nice. Its good to be home and be around family and stuff. (I got some money but of course I had to use that for my cell phone bill which was $100 so yeah that sucked.) Don't know what I'm doing for New Years though. I really had to miss Jonathan's party but I've got to go to work on the 2nd so its back to Murfreesboro for me.

Over the break I've been thinking a lot about New Years Resoultions. I guess they're good for some people. I suppose it gives them a chance to reflect on the past year and what they did wrong or what they would like to change about themselves but after the novelty and excitement of the new year fade away you lose ambition for those goals. I've only kept a few myself but I've decided not to have any this year for 2007. Sure I have goals, many passions or things I want to pursue but in the past I've told myself I wouldn't be successful at them so I quit before I can even get started. So for me, I've just decided to devolp the motto of just do it. Even if I fail or I'm not good at it at least I can say I tried. And also I wish to have no regrets for 2007. I've been maintaining that pretty well for a couple of months now.

Anywho I'm going to the World Market to expensive chocolates and other things I don't need.

Happy New Years everybody!
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