la_ebbie (la_ebbie) wrote,

packing up for the break

I'm not really excited about Spring Break. I love having time off from school and work but for some reason I'm just kind of blah about it.

Maybe its because I'm gonna be packing up a lot of my stuff at home and getting rid of some things so we can start preparing to move. I've been thinking about it a lot and I guess I'm avoiding the fact that I won't live in Memphis anymore. When I was a kid we always moved around a lot. Even when we'd settle down for a few years we'd move into a lot of different houses. Granted its the not the best house we've ever lived in but its sad to leave somewhere you've gotten attached to. Where else I am gonna climb my special magnolia tree? Or have like 10 billion of my cousins jump off of our old porch swing? What other house is gonna have a special hideout spot behind the fence? And who wants to drive inside of walking to Popeye's Fried Chicken and the mall (though it is pretty crappy now. lol.)?

Moving is making me think of school almost being over too. I was at McCallie's with Hannah this morning talking about summer classes we might take and I felt all sad. We didn't recognize anyone. No more crappy dinners with like 50 people at the table. Ryan won't be here anymore in the fall and Jimmy will still be gone.

But in a way I'm a little glad to be moving somewhere new. I think it'll help mom. She's not really a social person and at least she can get out of the house being around my aunts and uncles. Maybe I'll make some new friends. We'll see...
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